Youth Empowerment

The Government is taking urgent steps to address deficiencies hampering the operations of the National Youth Council to ensure that the youth agenda is on track.


Current Projects

  • Establish a series of national youth competitions, such as a national youth soccer tournament, so as to identify suitably skilled entrants for the academies.
  • Establish Institutes of Technology in every ward to empower youth with effective and relevant skills to service a modern economy. The acquisition of basic vocational skills will be offered free of charge at these institutions.
  • Enhance youth specific affirmative action on Government procurement to 25% so as to mainstream the participation of youth-run enterprises in economic development.
  • Retaining a youth focus by placing representatives from the National Youth Sector Alliance on the new agency’s board.
  • Develop ICT Incubation hubs at county level with the plan of extending these to constituency levels to empower our youth with the necessary training and work experience to develop market ready ICT services and products.
  • Investing and facilitating a digital economy by empowering our youth to develop software that is market ready and which the Government and County Governments will be primary consumers of these software/products.
  • Create employment for our youth through ICT related jobs in Government and the corporate world supported by education and professional development programmes as well as granting them the necessary work experience.
  • Creating youth employment opportunities through affirmative action schemes to ensure fair access to jobs in county Governments.
  • We are also going to equip our youth with the necessary skills, capital and opportunities to create wealth for themselves through securing local and foreign investment in new factories and giving tax breaks, grants and loans to setup.