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Health Care

The primary target of the Government is the pursuit of universal access to healthcare across the country and the provision of the highest standard of care possible.

health care
We appreciate we cannot achieve this in one single stroke or strategy; however we can take targeted individual measures that move us towards achieving this goal.

We chose to start with expectant women and young children. We have abolished all fees related to access to maternal care in any government institution across the country.
We intend to restructure the National Hospital Insurance Fund to eliminate corruption and bureaucracy, make it more efficient, accountable and deliver to the Kenyan people in the way it should.  We want to ensure all Kenyans have access to affordable health insurance.
The Government will create and roll out a community health network across the country that will ensure every family wherever they are have access to a health centre and a worker within minutes of their home.
We intend to raise the governments budget allocation to health from 6 to 10 per cent  to facilitate the achievement of these objectives.
The Government also intends to find ways of addressing the medical brain drain in the country and we are desirous of improving the terms of service of our health professionals as a critical element of raising the standards of healthcare in the country.
This Government will support medical research including indigenous and herbal medicine in the hope for cheaper and healthier alternatives for our people.
The Government will support technology innovation that makes it easier to deliver medical care across the country especially to marginalized and hard to reach areas.
We intend to set up fully-fledged low cost diagnostic centers in every country and upgrade all former provincial hospitals to referral status to ensure our health system is expansive enough to meet the needs of all Kenyans.