Nixon Kiprotich Korir

korirnixNixon Kiprotich Korir is the Secretary Youth Affairs under the presidency. He carries out the co-ordination of youth policies and programs through the Executive Office of The Deputy President. His priority areas include: Youth and Employment; Youth Empowerment and Participation; Youth Education and Training; Youth and Information Communication Technology; Youth and Health; Youth Crime and Drugs; Youth and Environment and Youth Leisure, Recreation and Community Service.

The main roles of his office are: Liaising with ministries and other national agencies engaged in the implementation of youth activities and further coordinate such activities; Formulating, Implementing, coordinating, reviewing and monitoring youth development policies; Facilitating youth participation in the development processes. Maximizing interagency (ministries, counties) collaborations to utilize the significant expertise and to maximize the use of scarce resources; Finding and elevating models of "what-works" and help replicate them nationwide; Establishing and promoting standards of practice as well as monitoring all youth development activities; Developing innovative strategies and programmes that efficiently and effectively respond to the needs of youth; Integrating and harmonizing youth development and empowerment programmes at national and local levels; Mobilize and secure financial resources to the Secretary Youth Affairs office for the coordination and implementation of the youth policies and programmes; Develop and promote a policy on internship (on the job training) for all college students requiring practical training-with built in incentives for industry actors.

The government projects and initiatives that touch directly under his office include; The Uwezo Fund; Youth Access to Government Procurement Opportunities program (The 30% rule); National Internship program; Youth Development Enterprise Fund; National Youth Service (NYS); National Youth Council (NYC); Youth Polytechnics; Internships.

Mr. Nixon Korir is a lawyer by training successfully completed his bachelors of law (LLb. horns) graduated from the University of Nairobi School of law in 2010. He has a vast experience in youth matters having been the Secretary General of the students Organization Of Nairobi University (SONU) and a national youth leader in the 2010 referendum where he played a major role. He was the Founding Chairman of the United Republican Party (URP) and He later served as the executive director of the United Republican Party (URP) secretariat. He was the Chairman of Ni Mimi Initiative and the patron of Tegemeo Foundation.

Mr. Korir is a distinguished member of The National Youth Sector alliance (NYSA). Member of AIESEC – Kenya and an associate member of the YMCA.

He is a motivated, results-driven individual with hands-on approach on youth service and youthdevelopment. Resourceful and proactive, He combines effective communication skills with extensive knowledge of youth affairs to identify opportunities and deliver a satisfactory outcome for both youth and the government whilst working alone and as part of a larger team.

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